Friday, 1 November 2013

Working typists

Excellent little BBC video:

The artist in that video is Keira Rathbone. What skill.

In our Moscow office one day in the 1990s, a press release arrived by fax promoting a typewriter artist from India. What his story was we never discovered, but I believe the artist was Uday Mahadeo Talwalkar:

Now, I'm sorry to say that when his press release arrived we paid no attention and in fact somebody pinned it up in the kitchen alongside some absurd-but-true wire stories from the AP. These included TAJIKISTAN ESTABLISHES SPACE PROGRAM and, my favourite, RUSSIAN SOLDIERS KILL OFFICER, FLEE ON TRACTOR.

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Richard P said...

Unfortunately Keira and I weren't able to meet during my stay in London this July. She is amazing. Most typewriter art has been very deliberate, calculated, rather stiff -- but she uses the typewriter as an on-the-spot sketchbook.